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What is BeeStrong?

BeeStrong is a concentrated BeeFeed based on purified protein, made to help bees rear strong and healthy brood.

Can you use BeeStrong in Pollen Patties?

Yes, you can. If the patties are self-made then you should mix BeeStrong in with the sugar solution. Mix approximately 20-40ml and continue making the Pattie.

How do you feed BeeStrong to your bees?

You simply dilute BeeStrong in your sugar syrup. Stir well and feed.

How much BeeStrong do I need for one Colony?

You need around 50ml per feeding. A measuring cup is included with each bottle of BeeStrong. When you feed one gallon per colony than you simply multiply the 50ml by the gallons of sugar syrup you prepare. We recommend adding BeeStrong to the sugar syrup at least twice a year: for spring build up and when preparing the bees for wintering.

How much sugar syrup do I need to dilute BeeStrong?

We recommend to dilute 1 gallon of sugar syrup per colony. However for one colony use no less than 10 fl.oz of sugar syrup of dilution to (around) 50ml BeeStrong. You can dilute BeeStrong in more than 1 gallon of sugar syrup - however you should make sure that the bees consume the quantity within 1 week.

Can you feed BeeStrong when queen cells are present?

Yes you can.


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