BeeStrong 2.64 gal (10L), 200 servings

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BeeStrong is a concentrated beefeed based on purified proteins. As a natural colony booster it should be used in late summer, to rear strong and healthy wintering-bees and in spring, with the incentive feeding to kick-start the colony and assure the colony can start with healthy brood. BeeStrong is safe for beekeeper, honey, bees, and it is environmentally friendly. BENEFITS: • When BeeStrong is included in the bees’ diet for the brood more larvae developed successfully into adult • BeeStrong is easy to use and has no seasonal limitation, it can be administered when bees are accessible to sugar-syrup feeding. • BeeStrong helps improve the brood pattern for a stronger colony with higher honey productivity (up to 30% in a field trial) and more pollination power! Jerry can of 2.64 gal feeds 200 colonies (50ml/colony, measuring cup included). We recommend feeding at least 2 times a year. This results in approx. 100ml (3.38 fl.oz) per colony/year.